Got an event with lots of mouths to feed? Then treat your attendees to our award winning stone baked pizza – ideal for filling up hungry crowds!

We’ve previously catered for weddings, workshops, meetings, shoots, office parties, launches and various others events. Whatever the event, our pizza has you covered!

In order to ensure we deliver our pizzas at their very best, we work closely with our in-house delivery team to make sure timings and deliveries are looked at carefully to meet your requirements. For larger orders we normally ask that deliveries are made outside of peak operating hours. This works well for late-night parties and of course provides dancing fuel at wedding receptions!

Our 18’’ pizzas have 8 big slices and feed two hungry people, if the pizza is for snacking then 2 slices per person should suffice.  We also have a selection of salads and desserts available to order so your guests can be fed from start to finish.

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible and one of our team will contact you with the next steps.



Please bear in mind, pizzas will be sent in batches of 4, delivered as near to each other as possible. If this in not suitable, please get in touch to discuss other options.